Analysing Saudi's fixed and mobile broadband performance

We need your help to make our national broadband better. We’re looking for Saudi internet users ready to use our free of charge tools to measure their own broadband performance. The data will be used to help improve internet performance across the Kingdom. Explore all the ways you can get involved below.

Project goals

The data collected will help us analyse our national fixed-line broadband infrastructure across the Kingdom. Regular reports will be published showing our findings. These reports will help inform the public about the quality of services available in Saudi Arabia.

Overtime the data we publish will increase transparency and encourage competition in the telecommunication industry. Plus it will help guide the Commission’s long-term strategies to improve Saudi’s national infrastructure and its connections to the rest of the world.

Quality of experience tests

Content servers are spread out all over the world, the physical distance and performance to each of them is unique to every broadband user. The Meqyas project is completely unique that we measure the performance across a number of different metrics to these real-world content servers.

Quality of service tests

Monitor the service provided by your ISP to your home 24/7 with our suite QoS tests. As with all of our tests, we only test when you're not heavily using your internet, and it won't interfere with your current internet activity.

Meqyas Dashboard

All the data from your Meqyas Whitebox is safely stored in the Meqyas dashboard.

  • Visualise your broadband performance over time.
  • Track trends.
  • Spot problems.

Be confident about your internet connection by using this intuitive and powerful tool.

Your privacy is paramount

All tests mimic typical internet usage, no information about your browsing history is stored and all data is completely anonymous.

About Meqyas

Meqyas is an initiative by The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) who have partnered with SamKnows to implement and operate the Meqyas measurement platform using world-class technologies and tools.

If you have any questions about the project, you can contact the Meqyas team here.