Meqyas App

A handy internet speed test for your smartphone. Test the quality of any Wi-Fi and cellular connections and share your results with friends.

Test any network

Our app can test any network your smartphone connects to - Wi-Fi or cellular. It’s free and you can store unlimited test data for future analysis.

Use the Meqyas App to test:

  • how fast your download and upload speeds are - important for data hungry services such as video streaming;
  • how quick your latency is to our nearest test server, important for a responsive connection needed for online gaming;
  • how stable your connection is with jitter and packet loss, important for glitch free video calls and error free file transfers.

Analyse your data

Unlimited storage for your test data means you can track the performance of the metrics you care about over time. See how your performance changes during the day, particularly at peak-time. Track long-term trends to see if your connection is improving or deteriorating.

Compare the performance of different Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Plot your cellular performance on a map to see where in your area you get good performance and where you don't.

Share your results

Sharing your current performance data is fast and easy.

A public link is created to allow the person you are sharing your results with to see the metrics being tested and the conditions of the tests such as the distance to the test server.

Download the Meqyas App