About "Meqyas"

Meqyas is an initiative by The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST)

to establish Internet Quality of Experience Measurement Platform in order to provide internet users in Saudi Arabia with reliable and accurate data concerning broadband internet services.

What are the objectives of "Meqyas"?

1. Provide a system to measure the quality of the Internet experience in the Kingdom.
2. Prepare and publish periodic reports on the performance of Internet experience.
3. Increase transparency to encourage competition at the delivery level of Internet services.
4. Providing information to the Commission that contributes to the development of the Internet in the Kingdom.

How does Meqyas test my internet performance?

We test your internet performance by asking you to install a Whitebox which has all of our measurements tucked away inside. It acts as an Ethernet bridge and reports on a range of key metrics such as download speed, upload speed, latency, and packet loss. This hardware-based approach is what gives our measurements unrivalled accuracy because the Whitebox is unaffected by other factors within the home, like your PC.

The Meqyas internet performance tests run independently of your internet usage. So when you're not using the internet, or are using the internet below a minimum threshold, the Whitebox will zap these scheduled tests to our network of test servers and record how long and what journey your data takes for them to be zapped back.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?

They say knowledge is power! In fact, you're likely to know more about your connection than anyone else.


There are many benefits of joining our "Meqyas" Community:

  • Get better internet
  • Monitor your network health
  • Configure your Wi-Fi network to find its perfect setup
  • Make every connected device in your home work without problems
  • And be part of the movement helping regulators improve the internet for all


We'll send you a free  Whitebox that will collect lots of data. We'll help you find faults, identify problems and present all of the tests and metrics in a simple format in the Meqyas dashboard. You can find out more about this on our website.


You can even create reports to send to your ISP so the engineers can quickly understand the problem, and fix it.

How can I get a Whitebox?

We love that you're interested!

You can signup for a Whitebox on our website and we'll add you to our waiting list. 

How do you choose volunteers once they've signed up?

Once a volunteer has signed up, we take a look at their ISP and internet package. We then match this information against our sample plan, if we have one. (A sample plan is a list of the speed tiers that we measuring for an individual ISP or for regulator projects).

If the volunteer fits what we are looking for then we send them our terms and conditions. If a volunteer accepts these, then we send the volunteer a Whitebox as quickly as we can.

Do you collect any personal information?

We value your privacy. The Whitebox can neither store nor transmit personal information. It also can't see what you're doing online.

To send you a Whitebox, we only need:
• Name
• Email address
• Address
• Service tier

We use this information to make sure we are collecting accurate results. 

We don't share your information with third parties.

How do I install my Whitebox?

We want to help you! 

Please check that you have a Whitebox, network cable, and power supply.

Then, follow these 3 easy steps to install your Whitebox.

Connect one end of the network cable to a spare port on your router (not the USB port). Plug the other end into the port marked "WAN" on the back of the Whitebox.

Disconnect any other devices plugged into your router and plug them into the back of the Whitebox instead. You can use ports LAN1 - LAN4.

Connect the power cable to the Whitebox. Press the power button on the back of the unit that is labelled ON / OFF.

The green Working light will flicker for approximately 30-60 seconds. This is the third light from the right with 2 revolving arrows above it on the top of the box. The green light will then stay solid once a connection is made.

You can also watch the tutorial video here.

P.S. If you're still having trouble, please contact us at help@meqyas.sa

How can I access my dashboard?

You can access your dashboard using your Meqyas login at my.meqyas.sa. This dashboard is available for the Whitebox users.

We will send you your login details after your Whitebox has been dispatched to you.

How can I update my personal details?

You can update your email address, password, home address and view the status of your Meqyas devices in the "settings" section of Meqyas Dashboard. You can also let us know whether you've changed ISP or broadband product here as well.

This information will be verified by our support team before it is incorporated into the database.

Is my Whitebox working?

To check that your Whitebox is working, have a look at the Working light. (The Working light is the third light from the right with 2 revolving arrows above it on the top of the Whitebox). This should show a solid green light.

Alternatively, you can check that your Analytics in Meqyas dashboard is showing up-to-date data.

If your Whitebox is offline, you'll receive an email within 24 hours to say that your Whitebox is unable to run any tests.

If you're still unsure, get in touch! You can reach us at help@meqyas.sa